Monday, August 23, 2010

Spicy mama Christine weight secret password. Size S diet

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Spicy mama Christine recently launched a new album "Bionic, 30 years old, she is still so hot in the album, nearly naked big play halfback modelling, the figure curve. Whether she is how to keep the sexy figure?

Skinny asparagus and plastic curve work
Christine childhood is skinny asparagus, every interview she is how to choose the food to keep fit, Christine always claim to be "junk food control". She is actually like potato chips, biscuits, coke, Fried chicken, such as "not only nutrition, heat" junk food zealots to envy, a diet sister younger sister!
But the woman is not only the body beauty, skinny can when the sexy goddess, Christine is exclusive for her coach for 1 set of healthy eating plan, tie-in 1 week 5 days of sports, make originally the thin body sculpture out successful asparagus and curve. Thin enough, beautiful curve to points need!!!!!
Christine has exclusive cook dinner right now, she urges her much attention to health, almost no touch Fried and snacks, she is more calls to eat less food processing, eat more natural food and adopts the traditional cuisine.
For people to wife, mother, health diet is avril lagvine family can enjoy eating together, simple and healthy

Postpartum mammalian body fat
In January the womb, Christine is little Max 1 times have faced obesity crisis, her body was world exclamation postpartum the most difficult thing to make weight of declining and difficult.
Nonetheless, Max mummy or success JianXia 18kg postpartum. In order to reply and lithe and graceful figure and the baby's health, she decided to mammals.
According to investigation, feeding the baby milk in the mummy every can burn calories, as long as 500-600 balanced diet, compensatory nutrition protein, can supply plenty of milk, not sedulous sport and diet can thin very beautiful! Hollywood actress is good for many ways.In addition, with the child is Christine personally lose weight, she said: "I have to eat my food to eat, sleep, until the Max with children go so far."
About diet, Christine is bitter to shout loudly: "impossible! Impossible!" For food, she USES the method of mild, occasionally also can enjoy the happy meal, it is healthy long attitude.
Motherhood person wife music will, family and creative performance let every stroke full, can't even time, she still rigid compact 1 week 5 times of collocation of sports, life is regularly

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