Monday, August 16, 2010

The Charm of Olivia Palermo’s Dress Style

Christian Louboutin boots Olivia Palermo done for seldom people can still turn out to be young when put on sand color clothes.She looks still youthful and beautiful,meanwhile full of culture charm.She didn’t need to Wearing sand color clothes would be better if your skin are white and face will not be gray for white skin.In addition,Olivia’s skirt are not pure color of sand and with mottied stripe,give people a sense of warm,and with a crystal pearl necklace as transition.Golden wide waistband made of weave material.It is approach the pattern and texture of her skirt.Her chloe handbag and Christian Louboutin boots are all gray sand color. So the color and the texture all harmonious in an integral whole. Olivia is the fashion popular welcome people of fashion magazine VOGUE.Make a summary, her dress style and match style value the peace.Embellishing a dress by contrast.So it looks nice and won’t make people feel annoying.The red color on the tips of her fingers and red sole of Christian Louboutin ornamen her more suitable.Her confidence can be exuded by her every act and every move.Of course, it is not the perfect,there is a little defects that the boots are a bit longer,although it didn’t make the leg appeared short, it make the feet seems a little big.It would be better if it is a pair of boots the upper only to her ankle.

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