Sunday, August 29, 2010

By most paragraph joker sheet is tasted great gathering

Guide language: the most popular element brings a bud. Bud vest close-fitting on around the hem of loose and design clever, grows the design is increased practical, let it can come in many ways collocation is wearing! Christian Louboutin Can render pants pants or haren collocation makes willfulness and wind, also can match highlights sexy lovely sweet skirt.White bud silk vest PeaceBird grows
Collocation is 1: handsome neutral wind
Leather string metal buckles s straw-hat with rivets black leather handbag taobao ASOS military green gold buckle haren topshop pants
Tie-in 2: leisure sweet wind Christian Louboutin Pumps
Selfridge bud silk flower cake skirt to accessorize with straw in
Flowers clip toe pan accessorize sandals
Tie-in 3: euramerican contracted wind
Copy AshleyAesthetic pants cortical render black leather handbag bowknot Ricci pearl chain necklace Nina multilayer H&M
Ultra short paragraph can match with the big collarband, unique design in this year and was suddenly appear widely accepted!
The simple black + white tonal collocation makes it easier to wear, cotton texture is very comfortable. Tie-in dress is a super girls are very favorite new tees, because the style is lovely, the collocation suits young girls skirt, leisure style, style of tie-in jeans are good. Christian Louboutin Boots
Ultra short paragraph One Spo T smile dew shoulder
Collocation is 1: XiuXianFeng easily
Long skirts stripe vest Selfridge blue hair ribbon to clean out treasure peach heart duffel bag Agnes b
Tie-in 2: youth navy wind
Black lacy skirt H&M black and white stripe vest cake ZARA white hat titty&Co navy
Tie-in 3: fashion random wind
Style, hole jeans River Island three-layer bracelet juicy couture heart-shaped tea-colored H&M sunglasses
Tassel and shammy collocation after so many years in appeared not to fall behind, it is still too won!
Besides boximiya, in which there is tie-in, more lively and tonal animations and many popular element to create the mixture of leisure and fashion sense, is also a skirt with shoulder-straps or child unlined upper garment of tie-in good helper.
Shammy tassel rivet rosebullet ma3 jia3
Collocation is 1: sexy sweetness wind
Shallow brown shoes NineWest Roman big pendulum condole Snidel multilayer aureate fine lace skirt juicy bracelet couture
2: pastoral lovely collocation of wind
SUNHOSEKI horn sleeve dress embroider flower decoration straw bag Liz lisa flower ribbon dome hat taobao
Tie-in 3: Bohemian
Long flower skirt with shoulder-straps to weave Deicy feather eardrop FOREVER21 hair ribbon feathers

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