Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dress + suit elegant and generous

Guide language: the summer fashion delicate and charming be about to drip of candied color, like ice cream colour, Christian Louboutin a sweet savour the residue after long incense lets a person cannot forget. Dress to match with a coat or suit the workplace environment easily face dull, it is cool and refreshing, melting sorching summer through the catalyst.Quietly elegant is cool mint blue fang Buddha can let person smell a mint of fragrance, Christian Louboutin Pumps also became popular in summer version of colors! Full of romantic atmosphere elegant dress collocation is capable of a small black suit, successful actress, reveal delicate change Korean dramas and gentle temperament ripe in air conditioning room warm.Elegant dress just joint her figure, even if not tall plump women, also can create a unique girl-next-door stylish rider. Pale pink dress, actually not difficult, it is never avoid too multifarious accessories. Tie-in white suit, shaping a sweet and sexy OL figure.Yellow, can give a person to build a warm feeling, it symbolizes sunshine and cheerful. With the outbreak of colour tide, yellow is fashionable avant-courier, for in the choice of flagging economic situation, people bring some inspiration. Warm color department of shallow brown dress collocation suits, let you keep elegant feeling confident.Even the yellow powder body skirt full of summer breath, with warm feeling. Collocation a black half sleeve small coat more added modelling, very have administrative levels feeling. Black Christian Louboutin Boots lips high-heeled shoes, handbags are fish and the whole body echo proper.

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