Thursday, July 15, 2010

Perfect design-ChristianLouboutin

France four women Louboutin Christian designersThe new emerging brand with big red is the most significant for the sole
In ChristianLouboutin eye, have a pretty face and a pair of beautiful shoe the equally important. ChristianLouboutin high heel shoes, but no one through his shoes women into the comfortable feeling, and the advanced shoes of handicraft "details" like a woman like makeup.
In design and aesthetic aspects, ChristianLouboutin admits he is like extreme, he used in stark contrast to the shoes. In the red coat with, smooth ChristianLouboutin high-heeled shoes sole is the most remarkable characteristics, can say is he brand labels.
ChristianLouboutin experimental art design style in shoes manufacturing field is maverick. The ornament in shoes of elaborate design of small pattern often give great surprise, such as a sweetheart, a bright pink feathers, a delicate and charming flower.
So far, the red shoes through 15 years history, Nicole Kidman operated language examiner "- Nicole Kidman (), and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker), Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera is no exception), with the red shoes into marriage. Female stars, with the foot took fiery red shoes, slipper, become the charm XieWang wedding. The red shoes is magic, she let the exquisite and delicate woman, also make women before the man show confidence and frowsty coquettish. Imagine, a man with red shoes, you how intoxicated. "Red shoes" recognition degree is high, female stars, she is free to see the red shoes is Chris mention, Louboutin bhutto (Christian), no logo.

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