Monday, January 3, 2011

Knitting collar of multiple style is tie-in

Inner Mongolia 45 ° C below zero the weather really amazing cold air power! Warm kung fu didn't make enough is likely to turn into a "Popsicle"! As warm three-piece suit this time just play one scarf its powerful use! By scarf extends the collar in recent years very red, wearing a convenient, thick knitting well-loved modelling style, sense of da rewards. Today, small make up just picked several kinds of knitting wool, teach you how to collar is a more attractive tie-in:
01 street winds: collection of leisure, street style of recreational dress up, jeans is necessary street collocation sheet is tasted, collocation of popular this year of camel's hair dress, individual character is dye-in-the-wood brown shoes make you bind the defining enjoy leisurely zai time.
02 XiuXianFeng: like the recreational collocation of women can try this wear build, a recreational dress collocation of collar, modelling feels dye-in-the-wood joker black mixture is tiny smallholding forefather oh!
03 fair maiden wind: joker color of gray department is also one of the lubricious department of losing da heart, not only be able to bear or endure look, and very good-looking classic, simple dress collocation can show individual fashionable glamour of, what is there against it?
04 lovely winds: render solid-color dress matchs snowflakes pattern of the sweater, appear not only you melting and lovely, and it's Christmas atmosphere, this kind of collar hang in my room have different collocation effect, try it also might as well!
05 intellectual winds: OL necessary suit jacket, winter wear a suit cold tone was boring! Perhaps circumference of a bright color fastens on the thick needle collar might bump a different effect!
06 elegant wind: winter wear a mask protect your ear, ear PI cao isn't afraid cold MM can try this "long" collocation, is long coat + dress, the tees microlenders by MIX, which collects data tees suits not quite short of MM, you remember!
07 temperament winds: this type of collar is actually with double-color dress is a suit, and collar removable, very convenient, collocation of simple but elegant necklace, simple in reveal your temperament charm.

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