Thursday, January 6, 2011

Broken beautiful + coat joker favorite dress tide law

In choosing winter coat on, besides style and colour selection beyond, collocation also is very important, want to wear a new idea, case grain, flower, wave point and take all kinds of irregular graph is tie-in coat perfect design, how can clever wear a different flavor will see MM people own grounding oh ~ tie-in
碎花+外套 百搭不厌的扮潮法则
01 with Chinese wind chrysanthemum dress very classic flavour, tie-in black paragraph coat elegant and give prize, very beauties the atmospheric demeanor.
02 wave point of black and white bud silk chiffon splicing skirts, tie-in canvas shoes and jean jacket let you as if returned to old-school, then put on big black-frame glasses effect is more lifelike!
03 wine red suit to mix with color broken beautiful dress abnormal sweet but person, slaming color is very pitched well, a little bird hanging like feeling.
04 lambs MAO bladder of ga color looks hale grow fur neutral, inside take black color broken flower and chalaza tall canister boots, thick woman flavour immediately and voice coming out.
05 at the beginning of the year, may small foreign outfit is absolutely the best choice, descend a body lightsome and elegant chiffon broken flower skirt, that the paragraph voluminous yangyang and type.
06 recently very fashionable Leggings administrative levels: oh, will wear take a multilayer pantyhose wear on legs felt alternative avant-courier, as long as color collocation is proper, can will upper black ash to wait depressing colour carry bright N a level oh ~
07 great artistic breath a section of rice pattern of the dress, seemingly a little visual abstract effect oh, outside take lambs hair soft coat looks very city girl's temperament.
08 high-grade brown department shammy coat all show female spell able and agile, inside take same high body of classical broken beautiful dress but person, euphemism gutty rigid-flexible economic feeling oh ~

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